Dragon Ball Adaptation Game

When it comes to adapting cartoons and animations into video games, there are many titles under the name of Dragon Ball. It extends to all kinds of games, such as action platform games, role-playing games, card-based games and, of course, fighting games. The battle in the Dragon Ball is so representative that even those who know little about the series can recognize its movements and battles. However, with the passage of time, the question of how to treat Dragon Ball games correctly began to arise. From an objective point of view, it is not to see which game is good or bad, but to see which game is the best direction of the Dragon Ball game. Should Dragon Ball video games be allowed to progress and grow in order to attract non-fans, or should they stick to fans’ services to attract fans and casual players? There is really no middle ground, because players always disagree on how to build a great Dragon Ball game, even if they all like it, and there is a lot of debate about attracting professional players or casual players. Today we are going to talk about some adaptation games of Dragon Ball.

  1. Wudao Club Series

Published by Wandai and Adali, it is the most famous game in North America. In 2002, it produced the first game for the PS2 platform and for Nintendo in 2003. The Wudao Club series is close to the concept of its combat game. Players can customize their roles with capsules, which can influence and change their statistics to influence the outcome of the game. In the first game, the model is story mode, duel mode allows players to fight one-to-one, while the world game allows players to fight against the style of computer championships. Finally, the legend of Mr. Satan is that it is an arcade-style game, in which players play a joke role in the game, Mr. Satan himself, and compete with fighters through ten different rounds of challenges and restrictions. The response of the first generation is mixed at best, but it sells enough to make sequels. Wudao Club 2 was released a year later, with various changes, such as the use of transparent graphics to reflect the appearance of the game, and the main function of the game is to introduce characters such as Buou, because previous games did not use these characters. Although the performance of this version is better than that of the previous one, it did not make much progress until the Wudao Club 3, which drew lessons from its predecessors, not only expanded its lineup and content, but also made the game experience more smooth, because its high production value made it a great success.

  1. Electro-optic flint series

The Wudao Club series has been an authoritative way to play dragon beads in North America until developers decided to take the series in another direction, providing the PS2 with an electro-optical flint series. This series not only changes the way the game is played, but also changes the whole game mechanism, making it completely different from the previous series. It uses a “rearview mirror” perspective, similar to most third-person shooting games. This means that players can move in an open 3D environment because they can run, fly, fight and shoot in a larger arena. A year later, the sequel will also have 129 characters. The most notable version of the game is the Wii version, because it is the first Dragon Ball video game to use action control of the system. On the basis of the second edition of the sequel, the electro-optic flint 3 has made some improvements and expanded its lineup. Today, the game not only has 161 playable characters, but also has one of the best choice characters in the whole combat game.

  1. Super Universe

The series, released in February 2015 and developed by Dimps and produced by Bandai Namco, is the first in the series to allow global players to enter the Dragon Ball World in their original roles. The gameplay mechanism is similar to the electric spark series of 3D arena fighters, but what makes this series stand out is its story. All in all, the time axis of the whole Dragon Ball World is distorted, so the future Tranks and Time Patrol call for a new hero to help them restore the time axis and save everyone. This is the core of the supercosmic game. Players can create their own characters, not only interact in the story of Dragon Ball, but also do various activities to perform tasks. Fighting or forming teams with other players on the Internet, changing their roles by making money to acquire equipment and skills, and even by training under the guidance of the iconic Dragon Ball characters, whether they are heroes or villains. Despite its flaws, the subsequent sequel Super Universe 2 is still one of the most popular Dragon Ball games in recent years due to its online multiplayer game mode and the opportunity to create its own characters to interact in the Dragon Ball World.

  1. Supersonic Soldier dragon legend

Published in June 2016, the exclusive game for Nintendo iOS Advance. This is their first attempt to play Dragon Ball on a hand-held game console. The supersonic warrior’s operating system has been better developed. Although the button control scheme of handheld devices is limited, it is still easy to operate. The game also provides players with some common content, such as stories, Z battles, challenges, training, free combat and long-range combat modes, so that players can play with other players with Dragon Ball Legends Hack and consoles. In addition, the story mode of the game provides many scenarios of “what happens if something happens”, encouraging players to play more games and see how each story is told uniquely outside the Canon series. The game combines fluent gameplay and unlocked content, making the Supersonic Warrior a favorite for iOS players, and it was well received when it was released.

Which of the most classic Dragon Ball games have you played?

CS7 Dragon Ball

CS7 Dragon Ball is also known as “Ground Special Team”. This game is very interesting. It was not developed by a company. He is a “Dragon Ball Z” peer game based on “Half Life” made by domestic and foreign dragon ball enthusiasts.
The game has a metamorphosis system. In the game, you can do almost everything in Dragon Ball. You can choose your favorite character to fight with other players or BOT. Each character will have its own signboard action, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. For example: a character may be better at close combat, a character’s Qigong is stronger.
Because the game is based on half-life production, so its openness is very good, many experts will add their own characters, tricks, maps and other elements to the game. By the way, the game can also collect dragon beads, and then call the god dragon to make a wish, playing quite rich. The latest official version of ESF is 1.2.3, but currently players usually make two versions of EVM 2.1 and ECX based on ESF 1.2.3.
As for when ESF 1.3 will be ready, it may be more distant than Riding and Cutting 2.


In 2001, a dragon ball enthusiast from the United States made the first dragon ball game developed for PC using the engine of the first person shooting game ancestor “Thunder Hammer”. Later, the sequel ZEQ2 was produced using the new engine of “Thunder Hammer 3”.
If you’ve ever played ZEQ2, you’ll find that it works like CS Seven Dragon Balls, but in fact the two games have nothing to do with each other. But the openness of the game is also very good, many players will be self-made characters and skills added to the game.
So far, the game can only choose to play online with players, and those servers are very high Ping. There used to be a BOT version, but it’s hard to find for a long time.

Dragon Ball Z: Bukuu Tougeki

In the game, you can choose any character you like to play, and the character you choose will become the real protagonist here. For example, if you fight with Frissa, the story will take the form of Frissa as the protagonist.
After defeating all the enemies, the story will gradually deviate from the original, and the final game will make the character you choose the winner, so playing this game is like watching a dragon ball with another character as the main character. I believe that all the fans of Dragon Ball understand that feeling.
The game’s sequel, Dance Sky Play 2, inherits most of the previous systems. Given the unique functions of DS platform, players can choose a three-person team, and then select characters through touch screen. At the same time, after meeting the specific conditions, it can also send out three-person joint technology, which is also selected through touch screen.
When I was a kid, I was addicted to this game and forgot what game I played on. It wasn’t mine anyway.

Longzhu Z: electro-optical flint 3

The game is a 3D action fighting game released by Wandai Nangongmeng, which was released in 2007.
The game is composed of several main modes, such as plot story, extreme battle, martial arts meeting, confrontation and super practice. The game has a metamorphosis system, and the specific characters will change according to the original work. For example, when the Sayers see the moon, they will change into a more powerful gorilla.
In PS2 European version of Electric Light Firestone 3, players can also create new game characters by modifying the characters in the game or importing new character models, as well as modifying character skills to increase the fun of the game. This is why the game is still popular at home and abroad.

The Heritage of Dragon Pearl Z

The game was released on the Shijia MD platform in the 1990s. It is roughly divided into two teams: the Z Warrior Team and the Evil Force Team. Players can control a character to fight at will, and many special skills can be used in the game, and they can jump into the air to avoid.
Most of us should be exposed to piracy in this game. The characters in the pirated game are very unclear and almost have no face. Even some characters can make you silly and confused.

Dragon Ball Warrior Z

Whether the picture of the game surpasses the animation, let alone say, but it is more difficult to restore in the action mirror than the “painting quality” of the animation. After all, the Dragon Ball game in the early PS3 has lost its expressive power in animation.
Every punch in the game, every foot can be found in the original sub-mirror prototype, such a picture is far more moving to fans than the magnificent effects piled up with particles and light effects. Every character has its own unique tricks, dialogue, animation and so on. And different personality collocation also has different effects, the opener’s control of details has really reached such a terrible level.
Of course, as a horizontal version of the fighting game, don’t ask too much for his plot. This has never been the focus of combat games.
For twenty or thirty years, “Dragon Ball” game has been continuously introducing new works. So many developers use the fans effect to make money, but it’s better than nothing. Over the past few decades, “Dragon Ball” theme game has developed to close to your and my ideal shape, looking forward to the future there will be more exciting “Dragon Ball” game.